Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

I had "the conversation" with my boss Joe on the way home from New Jersey. He found it infinitely amusing and thinks it's much more fun, now that I'm a big fag.

For some reason, I picked up ELO's Greatest Hits this weekend, and I'm obsessively playing it. "Turn to Stone" is playing, that is a song that totally rocks. Actually, there are quite a few..."Mr. Blue Sky"..."Sweet Talking Woman"...and "Telephone Line" are all spongeworthy.

Not sure I'd want to get more than the greatest hits, but this stuff always reminds me of sticky summer days in the seventies, walking to the Falmouth Mall from our beachhouse to pick up the paper for my dad, who'd always give me 35 cents to buy a comic book (my favorite during those days was The Flash. Barry Allen and Iris were DC's answer to Lucy and Ricky.)
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