Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

--First appointment with the mediator. She seems like a very nice little Greek woman. It was supposed to be fifteen minutes, but turned out to be an hour more than that. I liked her, and Josie said she did, but she also seemed somewhat reserved. She says it's because of the finality of the situation, and also because her mother doesn't think a mediator (even if an attorney) would be in her best interests.
--Stayed at the homestead until midnight last night ripping up carpet with Josie. I'm not certain how the bedroom is going to look, but the carpet definitely needed to go.
--After the mediation, I flew out the door to get to a seminar I was teaching. I hadn't looked at the materials in two weeks, and I just about sat in my chair before the session started, but it turned out to be pretty darned good!
--Traveling to Baking Ridge, New Jersey on Monday, for a two-day visit. Just me with my boss. Guess who's turn it is to find out I'm gay? :)
--And finally...I just received a call from Neil. He was a guy that I dated last year that I had major feelings for, even though he was really messed up. Our times together left such an imprint on me, they still conjure up feelings and images. Cigarette smoke, broad shoulders, huge long kisses, disjointed conversations that went on forever, and a very scary drive in Woonsocket at five in the morning, with an electrical fire taking place across from his apartment. He clearly wanted to see me again. Although tempted, I have someone I really like...and I don't want to go backward.
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