Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

A nice email on the play...gotta retain these things...

Hey ted,

Just wanted to say that Atia and myself will unfortunately not able to make it to the video party Tomorrow night, we were Hired to do the hair and Make-up for TOMMY at the Orpheum this weekend. But i wanted to Thank you again for casting me as Spider. i've gotten a LOT of compliments and a lot of "Geez, i didn't know you could be like that"

i'm glad you decided to change the scripting and Character of Spider i had a BLAST!

Atia and i have worked with a LOT of different directors in the past and they all have some good ideas, but in the end they don't follow up with it during the show. But through out that whole run from your ideas, to your Character Changes, to your Rehearsals, to your Scheduling... you never once backed down. you had your idea's and you MADE it happen and you never backed down or 'Toned it down' from what you wanted. we really have to commend you on that!

well instead of writing you a novel..... i just want to say again THANK YOU and it was GREAT working with you and hopefully again our paths will cross!!
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