Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

Why is it I'm kind of afraid to leave my air-conditioned space in Corporate Hell to travel outside? Thank God my apartment has a pool--the kids will have fun tonight!

My show has been selected as the "Pick of the Week" by Channels 12 and Fox...pretty cool!

I'm just plain tired today. Brought Corb to pick up his car last night and then we drove back to my place and ate nachos and chicken at midnight while watching Sex in the City . We're planning to travel to New Hamster the weekend after July 4 using his connections with Marriot. Can't beat $45 a night!

I kind of feel like a bit of a big kid today. I'm remembering those days I used to hang around my parents' house and swing on the hammock by the woods, reading vintage issues of Fantastic Four for hours. It is possible to reclaim your soul.
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