Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

I was very pleased to see that Avenue Q won so many awards (including best musical) last night. I knew it would. For some reason, I just can't get into Wicked . There's a certain sameness to Steven Schwartz, and most of Wicked sounds like retread Children of Eden to me.

Opening night went very well. Standing ovations and houses that were almost full both nights. And very nice words of praise from people I really respect, including my high school drama teacher. I'm going to store these comments here, just because I want to retain them...

From my friend Bev...

It was the most professional musical I've seen in ... well, EVER!

Here are the things I loved about it:

1. Both Mischleys (sp?). Wowza. Singers that can ACT! Can't say enough about their incredible talent and onstage chemistry.

2. Aimee was fantastic. Dangerous Game was positively spine tingling.

3. All the principles were top notch. Danvers' voice was a little pitchy at times, but the quartet was FABULOUS!

4. John (the sidekick) -- great!


6. The set pieces (and crew) -- all worked beautifully. (You might tell them, tho, that when you're sitting in the side sections, there are times you can see them motioning back and forth across the stage to each other.)

7. The red wash lighting flashed me right back to the last supper!!!!!

8. The use of the catwalks. Brilliant.

9. Spider and the girls -- spot on. Took me a couple of songs to get used to his "reedy" voice, but his presence (and coat swishing) was wonderful.

10. The orchestra. Very full and good. I realized coming in that it would be way too loud at times (the nature of a big orchestra in front of the singers), but I had the added advantage of knowing EVERY WORD and EVERY NOTE that was gonna be sung!!!

I'm coming back Saturday night to see it again (we missed the first 15 mins cuz we assumed it was an 8:00 start time). Can't wait!!!

Congratulations to all, but especially you. I was hugely impressed!!

and from my friend Kim, who reviewed the show Friday night...

Outstanding Ted...Simply outstanding! A very easy
review to write. I am limited to 500-600 words (and
he'll cut it if I go over) so it was hard to get the
review down to that. Tell your cast / crew I cannot
write all I want in these things, but I liked
everything! My only complaint was losing dialogue and
lyrics to the orchestra, which is fixable. I am very
impressed and when I left I longed to be able to sing
so I could play Lucy before I am over the hill
Oh well...Enjoy your closing weekend and I'll see you!
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