Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

Friday night was spent in a Monkeyball tournament with the kids and Amber, who Pauline let us borrow for the evening. Oh, and Chinese food. Lots of it.

This morning was spent swimming in the pool at the apartment with the kids. At around one, Michael dropped by on his way to New York City, bearing pizza. He still remains the best looking man in the universe, and just completed his first successful year at Tufts. Plus, he's in love. It seems to be in the air, for some reason.

As we sat on my deck, I thought back on the past year, and where the two of us had been one year ago at this time It's been a strange, wild ride..but not altogether an unhappy one, really.

In about an hour, I leave to go see my sweetie. That's a fun thing to be able to say again.

But I still need a next big challenge. Jekyll nd Hyde has been fun, but I need something bigger to strive for. I can feel it in my bones, I'm just not certain what it is, yet.
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