Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

Yeah! Everything is shaping up really nicely for this production...too nicely, in fact. It's scary!

Plus, the college has been terrific to work with. They've given me everything I've asked for, including the use of the catwalk and the ability for Jekyll to either climb down from the catwalks or swing down from a rope. I'm going with the ladder--it's safer, and he can spend more time suspended above the audience.

Should be a good Memorial Day weekend (although a wet one)--I've got the kids all four days, while Josie goes away with her bf. But no fear--I'll be snuggling with Corb on Saturday night and my parents are having a party on their beachhouse on Sunday. Plus, Daniel wants to drag me out Monday night for some "grown up time." Perhaps I'll let him take me...
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