Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

Last night I asked Annie to drive with me to rehearsal. I've decided that it's time to talk to her about what's going on with me.

I started the conversation after the rehearsal, as we were driving toward a restaurant to eat. Here was what we said:

ME: Well, look, we have to have a talk, honey...about things.

ANNIE: Oh, no. What did I do?

ME: No, it's not anything you did. It's about why your Mom and I decided to separate.

ANNIE: Oh, God...

ME: Well, the thing is, I know that this is your last week of school, so here's my gift to you: we can talk about this now, or if you want, we can wait until after graduation. Your choice!

ANNIE: Well Dad, I do have a lot of final stuff to take care of, and I'm still trying to recover from Mom telling me she has a boyfriend, so I am kind of maxed out right now...can we put this off?

ME: Deal. You want to talk about it a year from now?

We laughed and shook hands. Corb is convinced that she knows already. I think so, too.
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