Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

A disgustingly fan-ish entry

I loved the fact that Bushy boy spoke Tuesday, because it gave me a chance to watch all of American Idol last night.

First off, Quentin Tarintino was great as a guest judge. Finally, someone who actually delivered criticism. I absolutely can't wait to see Kill Bill, Volume 2 .

Secondly, what is it with the contestants' votes for "favorite movies"? Who in the world is really going to consider Sister Act 2 one of their favorite movies of all time?

Finally, there are only three real serious contenders left in this competition: George, LaToya, and Fantasia. Fantasia's song last night was the best performance I've ever heard on AI, and LaToya's was a very close second (particularly her final note, which was superb).

The others are falling way flat. Jon Peter, in particular, who I once really liked, has absolutely lost his appeal. But he did look good in a towel. I'd like to slow motion that one a few times.
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