Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

I finally caught the Elton John American Idol last night, after Easter dinner. Josie watched it for the third time and even Tiger, who hates AI, was pretty quiet.

As anyone who knows me even passing knows, I've always been a huge Elton fan. My obsession with Elton has been quieted something these past few years, but I still contend that the first six albums he put out are up there as the best music of all time (and this was confirmed by Rolling Stone recently, for what THAT's worth).

In any event, I can see why all the performers were practically in tears when they met with Elton. I would be, too.

I also found it interesting that the white performers almost uniformly struggled with Elton's songs, while the black performers were consistently outstanding. This only reinforces a quote I once heard from my friend Viola Davis, that Elton is a "white guy with the soul of a black man." Also, he can hit both high and low notes, and from what I saw last night, the guys had trouble with the high notes, and the girls had trouble with the lows.

The best performers were LaToya, George, and Jennifer. Don't get me started on that idiotic red-headed kid.
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