Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria


Well, I found a fun way to keep myself busy tonight...

After taking the kids to see my Dad and grandmother at McDonalds, I returned to the homestead and decided to locate a few more comic books for my wall at the apartment. The comic books are located in a storage area located in the kitchen. To get to it, you have to stand on a chair and climb up about six feet.

Well, while I was up there, I tripped on something. I could feel myself tottering, and then I fell off the platform. My chest landed on the top of the chair and I heard a sickening crack.

Bottom line--two fractured ribs. I spent the afternoon in the hospital. On the bright side, they did rule out any spleen damage or anything like that. But I'm one hurting puppy right now.

But the morphine drip was heavenly.

Comics I've chosen:

--Legion of SuperHeroes #31 (the one where Element Lad comes out of the closet, kind of)
--Wonder Woman #1 (the first George Perez issue)
--Green Arrow #1 (with Mike Grell)
--Fantastic Four #72 ("Where Soars the Silver Surfer!")
--Superman #1 (the John Byrne series)
--Fantastic Four #232 (First John Byrne issue)
--The Huntress #1
--Adventure Comics #316 (Can you tell I like the Legion of Suerheroes?)
--The Secret Society of Super Villains #1 (a childhood favorite, and a big influence on the Justice League series shown on Cartoon Network)
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