Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

One of the things that I purchased, Dreamy, during my insane bonus-induced shopping spree was "The Best of Blondie." During the recent separation, I lost my original "Best of" CD, and I've found myself missing the ability to call up "Call Me" or "Dreaming" at a moment's notice.

I bought a different "Greatest Hits" package this time, with a few more songs, and it helped reinforce a theory I always had about Blondie: that they only had two really good albums. The best one was "Eat to the Beat." That's Blondie at its essence--tough, ballsy, no nonsense, with words sung by a true broad and a fantastic bass line.

They went downhill after that--"Autoamerican" was a wretched mess containing a few great songs, and the less said about "The Hunter," the better. But "Maria" marked a return to greatness, and was a much-appreciated addition to the canon.
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