Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

Last night I spent a lot of time spending a bit of my bonus money. I've been looking for stuff to finish out the living room, especially something to hang over the couch, which is a bit empty.

However, after going to at least a half a dozen places, I really couldn't find anything I was particularly thrilled with. And for some reason, when it comes to that spot of the wall, I want to live up to my LJ name, and accept "nocompromises." I want something bright, something in keeping with the pop-art style that I've established in the room, but I don't really want to hang and mount another print, and couldn't find anything resembling a tapestry that I really liked that much.

Any suggestions?

One thing I did make a decision on: the purchase of frames. I've decided I'm going to mount a few of my favorite comic books. Right now, unfortunately, I'm picking ones that may have more sentimental or historical significance than artistic value. My initial choices are:

* All Star Comics Number 3 (which I acquired when I was ten, can you believe it?)
* Green Lantern/Green Arrow #76
* Jimmy Olsen #138 (a Jack Kirby issue)

Last night was a simple, uncomplicated evening, punctuated by an hour-long conversation with nicagerson. Then I watched Buffy, slept a bit, woke mself up, and drove back to the homestead. Today I work on blocking for Jekyll and Hyde. I'm taking fold-up characters I have from a beginner's Dungeon and Dragon kit and using them to map out the stage. I think Dr. Jekyll is going to be an orc.

Plus, I finally filled out my cast! Aimee (who plays Lucy) spoke to an excellent actor I worked with in "Children of Eden," and he said yes.

Life Is Good (If you Want It to Be Good!) <---(obscure reference to a Luigi Pirandello play)
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