Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

Our nighttimes

If only our nighttimes
Could make their way
Into the light of day.

If only the words that echo sweetly in my ears
After midnight
Like a sparrow's kiss
Words spoken so tenderly
They allow me to
Drift safely to sleep
Buoyed by your billowy kisses

If only those words
Could take solid form
In front of me
And I would face the daylight
To find your wondrous sleeping form
Lying beside me

Breathe in
Look out toward the sun
See the clear blue sky
Feel the sand at my feet
Feel your touch
On my shoulderblades
Feel your kiss
On the back of my neck
Feel your strong fingers
On my shoulder

I turn.

I breathe out.

And you are there.
You are there.
With your bright eyes.
You are there.

And I take your hand and breathe in your freshness and feel renewed and I know that it will be okay and that there is a bright fresh tomorrow and that it will be ours, and I know this I know this I know this because

Because you are there.
In my dreams
In our nighttimes.
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