Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

Odds and Sods

Annie is in the hospital tonight. Josie's there, by her side. It's a weird thing, but a pimple underneath her skin turned into an abscess and the entire left side of her face is now swollen up. Her left eye is practically closed. She's at Hasbro Children's, and we just learned that, thankfully, the CAT scan came back clean. No need for surgery, unless the EMTs take a look tomorrow and see something different.

Scary experience, though. Poor Annie has been put through the ringer this week. I'm here with the kids at home, watching the Academy Awards and preparing for our first rehearsal this Thursday night. I'll go visit her tomorrow, to give Josie an opportunity to get out and do fun things like bathing.

Best moment during the Academy awards so far has to be "A Kiss at the End of the Rainbow"...okay, and "Belleville Rendez-Vous" was fun, the Kate Hepburn sequence was pretty damn cool, and I liked the Jack Black and Will Ferrell sequence.

You know, I was concerned, but due to this whole life change thing, I hadn't seen many of the nominees. Usually, every year, I take care to see at least every Best Picture nominee. But not to worry, since I did see Lord of the Rings, and that's pretty much winning everything.

I think I want to make it a point to list a few things very Sunday night that made me smile the week before. These journals can sometimes wallow in misery a bit too much, and that's not what I want for mine any more.

And I'm grateful for a few things this weekend.

--For dreamcowgirl, because I've enjoyed working on her journal project. In preparing what I want to say and getting it all together, I've rediscovered a few things about myself, things I like. I'm remembering the goofy guy who likes comic books and never wanted to grow up, and would write silly entries about Dr. Phil, or his wifey being swallowed up by a plant. Even in the midst of change, one should never lose sight of who one is, at the core. That never changes, really.

--I'm grateful for a great dinner I had with my buddy Joyce last night. It led to the purchase of a great tape on "A.M. and P.M. Chi" and I've found it to be tremendously helpful already. In fact, I can't wait for an evening session after this post.

--And I'm uber-grateful for a late night call last night with the handsomest guy in the world. Even if you're miles and miles away, dear Gerson, I feel you close to me every second of the day these days. And I can just see us on that sandy beach, someday, I can just see it in my mind, a vision of the future.
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