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This afternoon we went to lunch and met up with David and Nicole. David had been the lead in a recent production of the Fantasticks I had been involved in (Gawd, I HATE that play). He's a bit full of himself, especially his looks. Nicole is very pretty--looks like Nicole Kidman--and has a really nice voice. She was also dating my friend Paul for a real long time. Both Paul and Nicole were also in the Fantasticks. And I knew from the first rehearsal that she was going to end up banging David.

Sure enough, shortly after the show ended, she dumped Paul and took up with David. So when we saw them, we had to pretend that we weren't surprised seeing them together, that it was the most natural thing in the world. But of course, we also had to act as though our incestuous little theater group hadn't been spreading the gossip like mad. Interesting dilemma.

Here's good advice my friend Elaine once gave to me: "When in doubt, laugh and lie, baby. Laugh and lie."
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