Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

Sunday was one of those days that you know I just love, where the world doesn't stop for anyone and I'm barely hanging on by my fingertips.

Up at nine, Tiger jumping on my stomach. I was abe to hang around a bit during the morning. Josie and I somewhat worked out a tiff from the other day and searched the web for a mediation attorney who might actually untangle the knot that binds without causing us to hate each other. Then did Annie's taxes at twelve, and then went to Sprint to try and fix Annie's cell phone. The less said about that the better. They claim corrosion. We've only had it for a month! The clerk was unsympathetic. He gave me an 800 number to place a claim. Gee, thanks. At least it's keeping our bill down.

Then to Peter's to talk set. Peter was looking for a more nuts and bolts kind of set. I want something more atmospheric. We reached agreement, and it's going to be easy.

Then, back home to get ready for a date with Matthew. Matthew is the anti-Ted. He looks like a bald, blond, blue-eyed me. He's cynical, and one of the most pragmatic men I've ever met. Hates fantasy because it's illogical. Doesn't see the point in Buffy. He's also funny and articulate and enormously entertaining.

We met at Starbucks in Boston. I know, which one? And of course, next question, how late was I? Well, only thirty minutes, thanks to the Robster. What would I do without him? I'd probably still be wandering the streets of Boston.

We drank coffee and watched a German family sitting next to us who resembled the Von Trapps. Then we ate at Pho Pasteur (I'm paying for it today). I ordered chicken soup (basically) and Hu Tieu Xao. Then we located a tea shop, and it grew to be ten, and Boston, being a city that certainly DOES sleep, forced us to move back to my car and talk for another hour, holding hands, listening to music, and kissing just enough.

Yes, I most certainly would see him again.

Then I returned home, and had a ni ni call with nicagerson that left a smile on my face as I fell asleep. Sorry I didn't call you tonight, my angel, but please go to sleep knowing that I'm thinking of you...and smiling, still.
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