Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

Sometimes I forget how childish actors can truly be...especially when they are not cast in the roles that they want. It makes me wonder whether I truly want to get involved with directing again, despite the pay.

But hey! Tomorrow's a day off, spent with the kids! And plus, they're sleeping over tonight. Life is good.

My biggest laugh this week has been a pop quiz I distributed throughout the company. The quiz asked people to link to my magazine and tell me who was quoted on the front cover. Here's the quote:

"First things first, but not necessarily in that order."
Dr. Who

Sounds easy, huh? Here are some actual responses...

--Dr. Spock, the one without the ears
--Dr. Who, the well-known psychic
--Peter Sellers from a movie, something about "The Bomb"
--Was it that character from the Austin Powers Movie?

Of course, I also received the exact opposite end of the spectrum, including...

--Dr. Who. time traveller, his trademarks were the red phone booth (tardus) and really long scarf.
--Are you talking about Dr. Who the BBC television series? The Doctor, aka William Hartnell, is a Time Lord on the longest running science fiction series ever.
--Dr. Who is a Gallifreyan Time Lord who travels around through time and space by way of a TARDIS (Time and Relative Dimension in Space). There was a BBC show that started back in the 60's and has developed somewhat of a cult following over the years.
--Dr Who is the World's longest running TV sci-fi series. It ran on BBC Television from 1963 to 1989. The Doctor is an alien time traveller exiled from his world, Gallifrey. His craft, the TARDIS, is disguised as a British police telephone box of the 1960's. It should change its appearance to blend in with its surroundings but its Chameleon Circuit is broken. It is trans-dimensional (bigger on the inside than out). The Doctor is a Time Lord. When a Time Lord dies his body regenerates into a new form and the Doctor displays a new appearance and personality. The TV series has featured seven Doctors, each played by a different actor.

People...if you can't roast them on an open spit, you just gotta love them!
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