Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

Last night was nicely relaxing. But it will certainly be hard to communicate this with the kids running around like crazy (Ashley's currently crying over Annie's VCR, Annie's frantically looking for garbage bags, and Tiger's just running back and forth and jumping on everyone).

Anyway, Jason came over last night and we ended up playing the restaurant game (first restaurant 1 1/2 hour wait, second 2 1/2 hours...grrrr...I finally brought him to a place that I knew wouldn't have a wait. The food wasn't superb, but it was decent.) Then, we were going to go to rent a movie, but he wanted to see "Legally Blond 2," which I thought I had at the apartment, but had actually given to Ashley a few weeks before. Anyway, we ended up watching The Fellowship of the Ring, and I must say, I did enjoy the extended version even more than the released movie version.
We ended the night watching Saturday Night Live.

I arrived at the homestead at three, and woke up at nine with Ashley looking around for food coloring in order to conduct an experiment. Today, we take Annie out to eat for her birthday.

Isn't my life boring these days? Well, hey, I always get like this during the winter. The hot weather's the time where I really grow's the Greek in me.

Soul-feeding items of the week: I sent out two queries and was interviewed for a board position

Up and coming soulfeeders: auditions this Tuesday!

Things to work on: Next chapter of "Late Show." Getting more sleep!
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