Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

Well, I'm officially an uncle. My baby brother Tommy is the proud papa to a 7 pound baby boy, named Jack Finnegan. A bit Irish there, ya think?

Marilyn was in labor for 26 hours until they finally decided to do a C-section. Both Mom and baby are doing well.

The kids are so excited! Ashley has been talking of nothing else but the past week, and Tiger started to get into it by Sunday, too.

It's been nice to share in his happiness. Tom sounded so tired, but so content on the phone today, with baby Jack nestled in his arms. Tommy's such a poet at heart--the joy came through in his voice as he described the feeling of holding his little guy in his arms.

I have got to get the kids over to visit their new nephew as soon as possible.

I'm grateful for this today.
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