Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

Well, I got my rangoon.

I'm typing this from the old homestead. Another Sunday evening finds me here, Josie asleep in bed with the two bunchkins by her side. I'll get the couch, probably, and okay, it's somewhat the worse for wear, and the kids have peed on it a bunch of times, and the dog has shed so much fur on it that we could make it into a quilt, but somehow I think I'll sleep pretty darn securely tonight.

After a hedonistic evening on Friday night with an Albanian film student (my, I just love the way that rolls off the tongue!), life kicked into Brady Bunch mode starting Saturday. We spent the afternoon with the kids, Ashley had her Saturday afternoon tantrum, ate a family dinner, and then Josie prepared for her date that evening. Well, now that I think of it, not quite B-squared mode after all...

The real story: Another Saturday Night

The kids and I planned to watch "All That"--they were all excited to see the irritating Britney Spears perform with her equally irritating little sister (whom Tiger calls "mini spears")--and then planned to leave to go to my apartment.

In the middle of the show, Annie returned home with a friend of hers--Tom--who's facing an awful dilemma. His parents have told him he has to move out as of his 18th birthday, which is in March, even before he completes his senior year of high school. He's had some problems-drugs in his freshman year--and his father is violent nd his stepmom plain doesn't like him.

Annie's been trying to get us to let him live at our house--or my apartment--but Josie and I have reservations about a troubled teen living in the house with the kids, or a recently-out guy taking in a young guy to live in his barely two-room apartment. But Annie is trying to do her best sales job (being concerned about her friend), so they just "had" to come over to use the bathroom after going to the movies--and spend a half an hour.

He is a nice kid, and I do feel very badly that he'll be homeless before he graduates high school. I think he should at least get the opportunity to complete high school and not have to worry about where he's going to sleep that night. And I could sense a desire for him to reach out, but it was hard to talk, because the kids were being...the kids.

Before they left, I asked Annie to take Prince out to do his business, and after about fifteen minutes, bundled the kids off to go to my apartment. We went to get some food, drove back, started watching the movies, Annie arrived at the apartment...

And I realized we had left Prince outside in the cold.

The poor guy! I didn't know what time Josie was going to be home, so I tried calling her on her cell, but there was no answer. What could I do? I couldn't leave him tied to his leash in this cold weather.

But I also didn't want to drive home. I knew Josie had to go to work for 11:30 and was dreading the thought that I'd get there, and she'd know...with her was just not a box tht I was looking looking forward to opening there and then...

So what was I going to do?

(To be continued)
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