Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

I'm almost done editing the next edition of my magazine. One of my proofers (who is actually really good with these things) kept insisting that I place two spaces after any word preceded by a colon.

This is a big bugaboo of my designer buddy Rob, who adamantly insists that the rule requiring two spaces between sentences went the way of the dinosaur twenty years ago, when manual typewriters disappeared from the face of the earth. He also was irritated that most schools haven't kept up with the times in educating students about this (with most fonts, you should only have one space between sentences). Certainly, there are far more pressing concerns for our nation's teachers to focus upon, but I know a lot of people who STILL insist on maintaining two spaces, including my boss (which is why I often do--partly because I prefer to type in Courier New, and partly because I gave up trying to fight him years ago).

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