Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

This and that

Last night was...hmm, I don't know. My mind doesn't feel as focused as I'd like when it comes to describing what exactly occurred. I feel more prepared to discuss side conversations and random thoughts, such as:

* Pauline came over last night and then Mary Ellen. It turns out Josie told Mary Ellen about the threesome Saturday night (although I didn't know it at the time), and it explains why Mary Ellen was very flirtateous and kept harping on sex within a marriage outside of the relationship, just for sex and not for anything else. Talking to Josie afterwards cleared up a lot, although since Mary Ellen--at least I think--doesn't know the full story, she can't really have a true understanding of what occurred.
* Mary Ellen revealed a lot about herself last night--apparently her brother molested her repeatedly started at eight and lasting until sixteen, when she finally gained the courage to tell someone. It's a sad sad story--her brother's manic depressive, and it's taken them years to get to a point where forgiveness is possible. Truly enlightening.
* the Patriots lost again this week. Boy, are the Grizzies going to be depressed. They are going down, down, down...
* TIME magazine recently ran an article suggesting that Lewis Carroll may have been a pedophile. Jesus, is nothing sacred? I guess I can see the elements contained within his persona that would tend to suuport this supposition, but still...I want to keep Alice in Wonderland...

Okay, there. I have that out of my system. But I feel as though I'm reverting back to the journals of my early teen years, when I wrote in the third person and reported on the goings on of those in my life, but trying at all costs to ignore what was going on inside me. No. That will not do.


To be continued. Ashley's returned home crying.
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