Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

I just purchased online a novel written by my friend Colette, aka carolinamoon. Yeah! She must be terribly excited to see one of her works published.

I read the first chapter and am really looking forward to the finishing the rest. Given the field that I work in, I can kind of relate. Here's the blurb that's posted on the website:

"On a dusty, non-descript stretch of Magazine Street in the city of New Orleans is an old warehouse converted into the editorial offices of Report on Travel, The magazine of Savoir-Voyager, better known as the ROT. Owned by Truman Bates, who hates to travel and whose true passion is food, the ROT's staff is made up of his brother, Parkinson, who lives in fear of being exposed and deposed; Holden H. Holden, the editor-in-chief who is never there but who regularly sends out press releases on himself; Mafalda Fellowes, the editorial assistant, a root beer addict and Parkinson's whipping boy; and Wanda Hopps, the managing editor, a hypochondriac who earns the moniker Damaging Editor, given her predilection for blindly overloading copy with lists of words copied from Roget's Thesaurus. The magazine, essentially cobbled together from press releases and the occasional long-winded, badly written feature article, is going nowhere, and Truman, who is attached to the idea of the magazine if not its subject, decides to inject some life and soul into the ROT. Enter Desiree LaForza Toussaint, against the protests of Parkinson who does not much care for women and who resists any tampering with the status quo. Desiree begins a new chapter in the dismal life of the ROT that will change both the magazine, and everyone, including herself, forever."

Good, no? Besides that, Colette's been a great friend--the first person I received a postcard from when I moved into my apartment. I still have it hanging up on my wall. She's also a talented artist.

Here's the ordering information, so you can secure your own copy...
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