Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

Don't Read this if You're not Left-Leaning...

I watched Hillary on Meet the Press today.

I have to say, despite all the negative things that people always have to say about her, I am always struck by how well put together I think she is, so more more so than Laura Bush, who always seems to me to be not much more than a Stepford wife.

She was even better today. I don't know what the change is, but I found her poised, intelligent, relaxed, and articulate--far better than any of the candidates currently running for election.

She did spend some time on her whole "vast right wing conspiracy" thing, which I think makes her look a bit silly, although she did at least move on from this by stating that "it's no longer a conspiracy, it's all out in the open now." Well, it never was a conspiracy to begin with, actually, since a conspiracy by its definition is an agreement to perform together an illegal act.

I personally feel that's a bit of a boondoggle, because then you get into all sorts of silly arguments about what "illegal" is, which is a discussion only an attorney could enjoy. Didn't we have enough of that with Monica?

This is not to say that inappropriate activities are not going on. What Bush is doing to the environment, for example, is absolutely horrible, for example: placing former pro-business lobbyists into positions of authority in the DOI, for the express purpose of rolling back decades of environmental legislation.

And Hillary was absolutely correct that the Bush administration is taking aim not at the winning policies of the nineties, but even worse, the policies of the New Deal, which have been the backbone of the middle class for well over a half a century. This is an area where there may be some duplicity taking place, but it's actually very clumsily done--in essence, attempting a spastic slight of hand by offering tax relief that smacks of Peronism while at the same time moving to dismantle the pieces of the machine that are in place to ensure that millions can live their lives with dignity and some semblance of comfort. Basically, play up the right hand, play down the left.

And of course, his foreign policy is an absolute disgrace, so much so that he has had to drag in Daddy's janitor, James Baker, to try and straighten out the mess that is Iraq.

But I contend that you get what you pay for, and in this case, no one should be surprised about what we're seeing now. The environment, the economy, foreign policy...all of what we're seeing was foreshadowed during his campaign for president. The one thing I'll give Bush is that he is consistent. In my opinion, however, I think he's consistently bad, but I've felt that from day one. And some of this is a bit of hubris on the part of Clinton, because had he simply groomed a better successor, things could have been much different. (Although granted, I'll admit he was distracted during his second term.)

I would love to see Hillary run. She was more animated and engaging than any other contender out there, and spelled out in plain, heartfelt language the mistakes of this current administration.

And Newt came on after her. What is this, retro week? I wonder if they hugged during commercials?
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