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The memories of our little adventure Saturday night still remain. In fact, I find myself driving in the car, or lying in bed, reading, and I'll think of a particular image, or memory, and a shudder of happiness will go through me. I was in the halls atb work this afternoon and did a little jump in the air. This was such an intensely pleasurable experience for me...very gratifying.

I think that Dennis (to Josie, derek) was more interested in her than me...but he wasn't inattentive, and I got what I wanted out of the bargain. I wonder if it's easier to have a fling like this when you're not really searching for a committed relationship?

Josie and I have had several really interesting conversations about it. We wonder if we'll see Denny next Saturday and whether anything will occur then. In retrospect, there were so many other things we could have done.

Pauline came over last night. Told her the story. I think she's currently fascinated by our little soap opera of a life. Funny, for years, her life was the center of attention...her relationship with Bob, his many different girlfriends, their on-again, off-again relationship (now I'll fuck him, now I won't). It's kind of nice telling the story nowadays, not have it told to you.

Our refrgerator went last night. Comment triste. Finally get ourself in a better financial state and then everything gets shot to shit.

Lot of praise today for the publication, which was issued on Friday. That's nice.

Tonight DarkLady has another conversation with her virtual boyfriend. I get the computer. Life is strange, but gratifying. But we are so chained to our addictions.
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