Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

A Song for a New Generation of Campfire lovers

Everybody sing along!

If I were a Catholic school girl
I'd kiss you like a haddock
I'd slap you with a tuna
All over your face!
I'd twist off your earlobes
I'd feed them the bullfrogs
I'd spit upon the bogs, the germs, and the far away snitches
Then I'd jump into the lake!'s just the medication wearing off...I'll be okay, honest.

I went to see A Christmas Carol at Trinity Rep tonight. I used to work in the PR department at Trinity, so A Christmas Carol is definitely a bit of been there, done that...but I went with the kids, all three of them, and the look of delight on Ashley's face made it well worth it. That kid is so darn expressive. She leans forward in her seat, and her brown eyes grow wide, and her open-mouthed grin stretches from ear to ear. When she gets that look during certain sections of Amelia then I know I've hit a home run.

Tiger, the engineering little bean that he is, kept a running commentary on how all the pyrotechnics were carried out. Very little artistry in that kid. He may end up like my grandfather Mitchell, who was a brilliant mathematician (notice a touch of pride crept into the narrative voice of the kid who never knew his grandfather...) The Ghost of Christmas Future wasn't a horrifying vulture ready to swoop down and grab him up, he was just some guy suspended by pulleys.

Gotta love that kid. He's had a fever for four days now and I'm very worried. He slept over the apartment last night and I didn't need the heat on, even though it as freezing out--all I needed to do was to snuggle next to him, because he felt like a furnace.

And he appeared to be hallucinating, too. He was talking in his sleep, even though he didn't sleep much. He said he saw Josie in the bathroom at one point, and Ashley flying overhead, trying to steal pillows. Weird. She must have been suspended by pulleys, I'm sure.

And I had this thought, during the Fezziwig scene. Gotta love the Fezziwig, with his spirit of rejoicing and clear love for seeing others enjoying the season. And I thought, wouldn't it be a great show of solidarity if we--Josie and I--had a party at our house before Christmas? We could send out invitations/Christmas cards saying, "We don't have a lot to spend/But we'd love to spend our time with you..." I don't know, I think it'd be really cool. You're all invited, of course.

Might not happen, but as you can tell, I'm in a world of ideas today.
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