Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

Last evening, to quote Frank Sinatra, was a swinging affair.

Actually, it was a much classier event than that made it sound. Josie's cousin Adrienne up and got married. The wedding and dinner were held at a hotel located across from the World Trade Center in Boston. From beginning to end, the evening was first rate.

Of course, weddings are always bittersweet for both of us, and this one was no exception. We've been going together to a few lately, too. I always get a bit sad, particularly when they talk about what an important decision marriage is, how you are now walking down one road united, and all that.

My favourite part of the evening was the dancing. After three cosmos and two captain and cokes (free bar, god bless them!), I was ready to go. Poor Josie. Just imagine me out on the dance floor, my little bald head sweating up a storm, as I cop moves from Mick Jagger. I only imagine what the poor woman was thinking.

"You look good dancing together," Josie's aunt whispered to her at one point. We think she knows about the separation, and she was being charitable.

We returned home at one, and the kids were still awake. It was a windy, stormy night. Rain whipping everywhere. My contacts were killing me, so I left after about twenty minutes. Ashley had a meltdown that I wasn't sleeping over.

I had no choice but to leave last night, but have resolved to sleep over more. Ended up throwing up at four in the morning.
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