Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

Wednesday night was not a pleasant one.

Well, it started out very nice. Ashley was over Josie's parents preparing for Thanksgiving, so Josie and I took Tiger out to Applebee's. We had a nice time with the little guy, and then went home to snuggle.

After Annie had arrived home, Josie climbed out of bed and said, "Let's go out," and I agreed, and we drove to over to Union.

It just didn't feel right. Josie looked ill at ease and bored, and the crowd was just way too sedate, and the drag queens were boring, and...well, anyway, Josie decided she wanted to go dancing.

Earlier that evening, I had received a call from Frank. I had seen him the night before and we had a great time, and Frank knows everything about us, so when his call invited me to go to MB, I didn't think it would be a bad idea to ask Josie if I wanted to go there.

Big mistake.

Now, keep in mind, Frank was married, he has a daughter...the fact that I'm still friendly with Josie (in my mind) should not have been a big deal. Or so I thought.

I would have called to prepare him, but but he doesn't bring his cell phone into clubs. So we just walked over. It wasn't too chilly out, but the walk through alleys is always a creepy feeling.

Josie went into the bathroom, and I saw Frank at the bar, so I went over to tell him. The minute I did, I could tell he was not too happy about it. Plus, he had been drinking.

He had friends with him, so after saying hi to Josie, he went to look for them. We moved to a less crowded area and started dancing. Frank came by a few times, and from the whispers to his friends, you could tell he wasn't happy.

And then, this creepy looking little guy came over and tugged at Josie's sleeve. She said, "you look familiar," and he said, "you do, too."

He kept hanging around. Every time we'd try to dance, hed interrupt us with a question for her.

"Who is that?" I whispered to her.

"You don't want to know," she replied.

I moved over to talk to Frank, who was talking to his ex-boyfriend.

"I'm really sorry about this," I said. "I didn't think it would freak you out so much."

"Hey, it's a free word," he said, although it was clear he didn't mean it. "You can bring who you want."

"Do you want to go talk about it?" I asked.

"No," he replied. "Not really." I moved over to watch the dancers from the balcony.

After about a minute of this, I moved back to Josie. "Let's go," I said. I stopped to give Frank a hug goodbye. That was nice.

"That as Dega's brother," she said as we got into the car. Dega was a guy that she had been dating who did not treat her very nicely.

"What would Dega's brother be doing in a club like that?" I asked. "I thought they hated gays."

"They say they do," she replied. "He said he was there to check out the action and heard that I was there."

"Who would he hear that from?" I asked.

"I think he was just saying that to freak me out," she replied. "He said that Dega misses me, that he wishes I would go back to the club..."

I looked into my rear view window. "Why do I get the feling I'm being followed?" I asked.

I don't know if I really was, but Josie said it looked like Dega's car, so we did end up taking side routes to get home. It was probably just paranoia on our part, however.

The next night, after a great Thanksgiving--Josie's mother is a great cook, and then we went over to my sister's house for games and dessert, and then went to see The Haunted Mansion-- I went back to the apartment, and logged on AIM.

Frank wrote to me and decided to break it off.

"It's not you, it's me," he wrote, "I think it'll be easier for guys that Josie sees to accept you, because you won't be a threat. But with you, since you're such good friends, I think guys that see you will always wonder whether you're going to go back with her. And I don't want to get too attached, knowing that I'm not going to be able to handle it."

Sigh. Okay. So basically, the cards are stacked against us trying to continue to be friends, because people aren't going to understand it. Wow. Is it any wonder that most separations and divorces are so nasty? Is that really best for the kids? Is that really best for every one all around? Do I basically have to throw away 16 years of my life, even though there were so many good things about it and I'd prefer to remember those good things and not erase someone very important from my life, but just change the relationship?

He said it would be very difficult to find someone who will "put up with that."

Wonderful. I guess I'm a little bit down today.
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