Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

Date night

Target has a commercial running with the song "New Toy" by Lene Lovich in it. I forgot how much I love that song! What a great hook.

Tonight I've got Tiger sleeping over. He was supposed to Friday night, but Kay was sick, and I just couldnt move her to my place. It's been great, having him here! We read his stories for school (his reading is terrific), played a pokemon duel with plastic bugs (don't ask), and he fell asleep as I watched Tarzan.

Here's my favorite Tiger story from today. I was raking leaves this afternoon, and he came out to help. Of course, he got bored with raking after about two minutes and grabbed the wrist of a skelton we had placed outside for Hallloween that had broken off and was resting, discarded, in the pile of leaves. He kept tossing it in the air and saying, "See how high I can throw this, Daddy!"

So I did, and it was good. He's a strong little kid. So he's throwing and I'm raking and suddenly he says, "I have to go to the bathroom." He starts to head into the house, then turns around and asks, "Can you do me a favor and grab the hand when it comes back down from the sky?"

Wow, that was one impressive throw...

I waited until we were both about to leave, about a half an hour later, and then located the wrist from the leaves. "Hey Tiger!" I called out, and moved over to him. "Guess what just fell out of the sky?" I asked, and handed it to him. A huge smile just lit up his face. "That was one great throw!"

Last night I went out with robcelt. It was a nice night. I think it qualifies as a date. Very flirtateous evening. What was the flirtation with? Mongo can't determine, quite yet. I like his company a lot. We went to eat, and then saw Mambo Italiano, which was essentially "My Big Fat Gay Greek Wedding." Rob and I have such completely different taste in guys. I thought the two leads were adorable. He was more impressed with the Gay helpline guy.

And had a good IM conversation with Gil (my friend at Brown) today. We seem to be moving beyond one o'clock at night status. Which is cool. I told him about my life story today. He seemed impressed by it. Now I'm talking with Jason, who I stood up Saturday night to see Rob. It's all good.

Thinking I might need to take a second job, however. Things are somewhat tight financially. What would I be good doing, I wonder? Any writing jobs out there?

But that'll all change. Tomorrow I send out the manuscipt to Jennifer. We read another chapter tonight and I of course found things, but you have to cut bait sometime.

Must go to sleep. Morpheus beckons..
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