Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

Big kid week-end, which was awesome. The big news is that Annie was accepted to Johnson and Wales and has also been offered at least a 10,000 scholarship, possibly more, based upon her SATs. That will certainly help!

Thank the stars the kids have my taste in reading! Ashley picked up the best children's book this past week--Coraline, by Neil Gaiman. We spent much of last night reading through it. Odd, sick little book, but I would expect nothing less from Gaiman. Sandman still remains the best piece of comics literature that has ever been created. (Although The Doom Patrol was an awful good series, too...)

And Tiger picked up a great book that he left at the apartment. Shonen Jump. Good stuff, man. Tonight I'll start in on Over Sea, Under Stone, by Susan Cooper, after I finish preparing my email to Jen. Live Journal will actually come in helpful in completing this task.

I'm listening to Jekyll and Hyde. Just trying to get comfortable with the music. I still have a lot of time. There are some nice numbers in the show--"This is the Moment," of course (and also so fitting for me), but I also REALLY like "Someone Like You." What a beautiful song.

There are things I like about apartment living. I've mentioned the ducks time and again. I like the fact that I can heat every room individually. That's fun. I like my work area and the quilt on my bed. I want to start meditation again. That might help provide me with a moment or two of silencio, which I so crave.

All in all, a fulfilling weekend. A bit of snuggling with a cute guy, good reads, kid time, one kid moves ahead, a completed manuscript...the forward movement of a dream.

Yep. It's all good.
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