Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

Well, it looked as though it was a beautiful day outside, but I didn't spend much time basking in the wild blue yonder.

Instead, I input all the changes that I had from my final read of Amelia (making sure that everything still made sense, after my cutting spree with the last draft), and when all is said and done, the book is now 393 pages and slightly under 90,000 words. That means that I've managed to cut out 70 pages.

Plus I did it only slightly over the ninety days deadline I gave myself after my meeting with Jen. I'm not going to get mad because it's a few days over. Remember, I had a few things going on in my life during this time, too...

Next steps: note To Jen next week letting her know what changed have been made and that a revised copy will be mailed out to her soon, and that I'll be in New York in November if she wants to get together.

Last night I had a really nice date with cangelo. We went to Nick's Comedy Club, then to this drag club nearby called Jacques, then to Machine for a short time (it's good knowing someone who can get in for free!). He probably thinks I'm a bit of a dork, though, because I was given bad directions to the club from the person on the phone, and showed up late (why does that always happen with me in Boston?), but I truly did have a good time.

Tonight, time with the kids (or should I use ministerjoe's term? Right now we're playing hide and go seek...

Better go find them...I know they're here somewhere...
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