Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

I'm considering trying AOL again as my service provider, because I'm sick of the old Yahoo "you are 85 percent full" runaround. So I have established a screen name on AOL--"," for those keeping score. I would really like to use my "theyellowhiss" name, since it reminds me of Amelia, but for some reason, you can't convert an AIM screen name into an AOL screen name, which is crazy. I could also use just "yellowhiss," I suppose, or even "sonoftheyellowhiss," but that might be too long... Thoughts?

Tomorrow afternoon Eddie is supposed to drive down from Springfield and will stay until Monday, and I have a tentative date on Friday night (you know who you are!) So I'd better clean this hole up...I need more blue curtains, and I want my Christmas lights! More conducive to creativity, frankly.

It's funny. Josie and I were talking (or trying to) at the playground today (the pool's closed for the season, unfortunately). She indicated that she's looking for something more serious, and I asked, "Well, why jump into anything? Why not just enjoy yourself for a while? Why not have a year of fun?"

And she said, "Well, I kind of see last year as my year of fun."

I find that funny, because when I think of last year, I do see some very fun times, but I would hardly consider it a year of fun. A journal of the plague year is more like it.

This is my year of fun. Kissing good looking guys and having some laughs and getting the damn book published (for some reason, it is reading MIGHTY fine!) and transitioning is all that I really want to do right now. If one of the dishes before me turns into a full course dinner, that'd be great, but I kind of would like to shop around at a few restaurants, first. (at the very least, to keep my ted_n_bed journal entertaining...)

At least, that's my plan today!
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