Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

Well, I gave in. Call it a fit of weakness, call it an itching in my heart (no wait, that's love), call it stupidity (which it is), but I have agreed to direct another show.

At least, it's a good group, one that's fairly well known in my area. Always attracts first rate singers. And the show is a solid one--Jekyll and Hyde. Plus, I haggled over the fee, and they met my demands.

My concerns about getting involved included:
a) Amelia. Although the edits should be complete by February, when auditions start...excuse me, edits WILL be complete by the end of this month, but who knows what the future will bring?
b) The kids. I love my face time. Period, end of sentence.

Peter, the group's President, very skillfully assuaged my concerns. In the first place, my musical director is Tony, one of my best buds (he was in my wedding party), who will easily spot me if need be. Plus, Pete agreed to serve as assistant director. That way, should I need to back out for any reason, he has agreed to take over.

I am looking forward to a new challenge. I love directing, and I'm pretty good at it, if slightly unconventional in my approach. The last play I directed was Diary of Anne Frank. I staged it in the loft of a lovely barn, on the top floor, and constructed a split level stage. I made the audience pass through a bookshelf in order to gain entrance into the attic. During the scene where the Nazis discover the Frank family, I played Adagio for Strings as counterpoint to what was going on on stage--the ruckus downstairs, the family slowly saying goodbye. Plus, in the middle of the run, I had the house crew start smashing glass and knocking things over downstairs--and deliberately didn't tell the cast I was going to do it, which freaked the cast out to no end. And their reaction was more genuine for the action.

And my favourite moment, the ending. No curtain call. Just the family, one by one, walking on one by one to light a candle on a menorah placed center stage, as the second movement of Mahler's fifth played. Then Anne enters, lights the last candle, and those who did not survive walk off the stage, with Anne the last one, of course, and before she leaves she turns around, shares a glance with her father...and fades away.

I know what finally did it. It was the beer, and the talk of theater. Get me drunk and talking show tunes, and like any good fag, I'll roll over and let you pet my tummy, any day of the week.
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