Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

For the past few weeks, I've been gradually adding things into my apartment...but none too quickly, quite frankly. I didn't want to rush things, because I just wanted to take a bit and decide what it is I wanted.

Last night I was lying in bed and the overall direction for the apartment suddenly hit me, like a bolt of lighting in Archimedes lab.

I kind of knew that I've wanted my bedroom to be dark blue for a while (which my friend Peg tells me in Feng Shui represents prosperity), but last night I realized that I really missed the white Christmas lights that Josie used to hang in our bedroom. That with the candles I purchased this week would make for a really creative environment at night. I also think that I do want curtain, not blinds, which can be a bit harsh...and I think I'll also borrow from our old Chinese Garden living room theme and wind ivy around the curtains, to give the bedroom the feel of a forest (hmmm, if that's the case, perhaps I should go with a dark hunter green...I'll have to think about that.)

Living room no problem...that'll be pop art. That may take more time to build up, but I think, eventually, that will be kind of fun. I'll start by appropriating my RCA gramophone for the CD wall from the homestead, and also my autographed picture of Bill and Hill.

Life is good, no worries with my love life, kids and Josie are doing great (man, she shared a kiss with me that rocked my world last night), the book is going well, and I'll be traveling back down to Manhattan for an overnight in November, including a reception and dinner and morning meeting, then lunch with my dear friend Hope and I think a meeting in the afternoon with the agent. Details to follow, but I'm not certain it gets much better than this.
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