Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

It's called the "turn your life completely inside out" diet

Well, I guess all the sit ups and jogging I've done these past few months are having a positive effect...I just returned from the doctor's office for my annual physical and learned that I dropped eight pounds in eight months--I'm now down to 154. That's about exactly where I want to be, although if I keep up with the running, it may dip lower. Which means--yeah--I can increase the amount that I eat!

I'm going to go celebrate with some Mrs. Fields cookies.

To make things even better, I had another late night conversation with Eliot last evening. Thanks to good advice from SecretsGuardian, my beloved Josie, and, of all people, my sister Kerrie (who I finally "told all" to last night), I'm going to play this one cool as a cucumber, and not appear too eager or possessive. One date a week is going to be all I'm looking for, and just see how things play out. But he does have beautiful eyes.
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