Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

Soft landings

Today's been a good day at the old household. I returned back home after my first Friday night alone at the "old garbage dump" (as Kayla calls it), and tonight, for the first time, the kids sleep over my place.

Last night I was supposed to see El, but he left work early and fell asleep at three in the afternoon. He has a bad cold, which began Wednesday night,and has gotten progressively worse. Josie came by to visit, on her way out dancing.

I must admit, the temptation was great to tomcat around last night. In fact, around eleven, I dressed up and actually went for a drive into Providence, but when I got there, I thought, "Nah, without a bunch of friends, there's only ONE reason to go..." and I really wasn't interested last night, frankly. So I went back to the apartment and spoke to Eliot for a half an hour, as well as a friend who's in a similar situation to mine. Only his ex is involved with a guy who doesn't say very nice things about him. I pray that doesn't happen with Josie...and I tend to think it won't.

Josie, btw, went out last night and reported that the minute she walked in the joint, all the guys were drooling over her. I can't say that I blame them! Woof!

I've been noticing things lately. Things that I had lost appreciation for during this whole thing. Like kids riding down the streets on bikes, with their bony knees scrambling up and down furiously, or the smell of fresh cut grass after its been mowed. Even the pleasure of kneeling down and scrubbing the algae away from the side of our pool, as I start the process of putting things away in anticipation of the winter. It's funny the things that you can find enjoyment in.

I've also started jogging, on top of my sit ups. Still going small distances, but building up for the long run.

A fitting image to describe my life right now, actually.
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