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Busy day. Work was absolutely hoping, and I bounced from one meeting or emergency to another. David was pulling the remaining twizzles on top of his head out today. I always love to spar with him when he gets like that.

During the ten minutes I allotted myself for lunch, I set up cable, electric, and the phone. Yes, I now officially have a new phone number. Drop me a line and maybe I'll whisper it in your ear.

On the way home, I signed the lease and picked up the keys to my new pad. It is not half as large as the East Side digs that Peter had arranged for me to have, but I feel good about my decision. Plus, I can always move up as time goes on--I'm in the smallest size apartment right now. The best feature in the place is the bedroom, and that is where I plan to build my castle.

Two days before the move. I think we're both trying to block this out. Josie is sleepy, and I'm doing anything but thinking about packing. It still doesn't feel right just yet. The apartment seemed really empty.
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