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The Cleaning Nazi strikes again!

Grrr...that Josie!

About six months ago, I had a backlog of Vanity Fairs that I had been looking forward to polishing off. They were sitting on top of my reading pile, which is located right next to my bed, and roughly the size of a small mountain. Suddenly, and without warning, the issues disappeared, as though they had been sucked up by space aliens overnight.

"Josie?" I asked, as I wandered around the house with my 'where the hell did I put it' face on, "Did you put my latest Vanity Fairs anywhere?"

"I don't think so," she said, and went back to her latest project, which I think involved putting on an addition to the house.

"Funny," I said, "I wonder where they went?"

Well, now I know where they went. Today, as I was bending over to separate Ashley and Tiger from killing each other, I happened to glance over at a bookshelf that I never look at (because it contains a number of really ugly encyclopedias), and there, resting on top of L through Z, I noticed three fairly thick editions...including the interview with Madonna that I had been dying to read, and their annual Rock and Roll issue!

I'll get you back, Josie Jo! Why, I'll...I'll...I'll hide your dustpan somewhere, that's what I'll do!

At the very least, you owe me a martini at the wedding today...
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