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Masks and illusions

I have to respond to an entry that my beloved ljinsomnia posted earlier today.

It seems that one of her lj friends admitted that he had been making up stories in his live journal this past year. Josie's entry, true to form, was extremely compassionate and understanding, offering insight into why a person would feel compelled to fabricate their life in an effort to gain the sympathy and attention of other people.

I guess I tend to be a bit more hard-boiled on the subject, and I think that part of that has to be because I've had to face up to so many truths about myself this past year. But I'll bet that his confession felt awfully good, and I'm glad that this person ultimately owned up.

That's why I named my journal "no compromises"--because I wanted to be totally honest about myself. No more lies any more.

I've found it to be a freeing experience. Certainly there are entries where I've grossly exaggerated things--but those have been fairy tales, more than anything, and I think they're pretty obvious, and done just to be funny.

It's funny. I do keep a shadow journal that only certain people have access to, but I find that I rarely post in it. I don't really need to, quite frankly. One thing that this journal has taught me is that it's best to just tell it like it is, warts and all. Life is interesting enough without having to make things up.
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