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Moving date

Sorry I haven't posted much lately--that living thing has been taking away from my Live Journal time. But the big news is that Thursday I received a call and learned there was an opening at the apartment complex, and Friday I looked the place over. It's exactly what I'm looking for--small (but not too small), air-conditioned, has a small balcony overlooking a duck pond. The bedroom and living room are separated by a wall with a window and there's plenty of room for a creative area.

So...moving day is September 5. I'm taking the last two weeks off in August which will give us time to prepare the kids. Today I visited my Mom and picked out the furniture I want (I'll have the best decorated apartment there, probably). In the process of choosing, I find that Mom and I are bonding, better than we ever have. She's told Dad--"all he needs to know," she says.

Financially, it will be tight, but hopefully we can swing this. I have faith. I am actually feeling...really strong. At peace.
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