Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

Columnated ruins domino

It's 1:45, and Josie's still out on a date. This one came up quite suddenly.

Oddly enough, I'm not upset at all. I hung with the kids, read Tiger some Scooby-Do, then worked a little bit on the Amelia query (only have to finish the sample chapter and Josie PROMISED me she'd read it over once--didn't you Josie?) Although if anyone wants to proof the chapters for me, I'd be happy to share.

So that's the "Good Ted" part of the evening. Those only looking to read about him should stop right there, before you go any farther. (Cue Meatloaf song)

And then, true to the little double life I'm currently leading, I went on line and flirted with: a) a cute 30-something who forwarded me his pic; b) a cute 23 year-old guy in Cape Cod who stands 6 ft 5, with a shock of red hair; and c) a very persistent 20-year-old who is totally badgering me to see him. He's extremely smart, well bred, and good looking, but I really think I draw the line well above 20. I'm a good boy, I am. So, no to him.

No Neal tonight. Yeah!

Moral of the story: we're going to get through this. And get through this, stronger than ever.

I do hope Josie comes home soon, however. This is her third "up all night" in a row. I'm not certain how she's going to function tomorrow. Hey, Josie Joe: take tomorrow off, if you can! Sit by the pool, rest your ravished body! Whoop! Whoop! :)
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