Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

Color cartridge printed! Now I can send out the query letters!

*happy dance*

Just finished paying bills.

*the party's over*

Tomorrow I must mend some bridges. I kind of snapped at someone today in front of a group of people, and must apologize. She kind of deserved it, but I do not want to live a life of anger any more. It will be a hard conversation, because this person always takes everything that I say wrong, anyway. And when I feel under the gun, I always SAY the wrong things.

But I shall continue forward, nevertheless.

I'm reading a great book called "The Culture of Fear." The authors just blew apart the old myth about Halloween candy and razor blades. I love myth busting. Probably because so many of my myths have been busted, this year.

On another note, I was offer a part in a play last night. But the show goes up in August. I told Chuck no, because Josie and I were separating, and I need to be close to home. He said he was sorry, but it's clear his mind was on, "Who the hell can I call next?" Ah, I've been there...
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