Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

Went out to dinner to a great Greek restaurant on Hope Street with my friend Bob, and then to see "Gangs of New York."

Bob dated my friend Pauline for many many years, and is, simply put, bar none, one of the greatest guys that I know. We've done a hell of a lot of theater together. I'd cast him in anything I was directing, even if I was doing a production of "The Women." He's just so genuine.

He's also unabashedly liberal, and is getting more so, having recently participated in several rallies opposing Bushie's Pocket War. And to top it off, although he's pushing sixty, he has the drive of a twenty year old, with more girlfriends than you can shake a stick at. But the thing I love the most about Bob are our conversations.

Like tonight. We're in the middle of watching "Gangs of New York." And there's a huge climactic scene (but then, there were way too many climactic scenes, if you ask me), and suddenly Bob turns to me and whispers, "Did you notice that this movie has the same plot as 'The Lion King'?"

I almost lost my lunch. Or at least, my popcorn. He was right on the money. Complete with Daniel Day-Lewis as Scar.

Anyway, Pauline told him what's going on. I knew it before I got in the car. We started driving away, exchanging small talk, and there was a lull in the conversation. And then he asked, "So you and Josie are having problems, huh?"

I turned to him and replied, "Come on, Bob, Pauline's told you everything."

And he grinned--because I was right--and said, "Well, she didn't come out and say anything."

"Right," I replied. "Because here's what she did. You asked why we were splitting up and she said she couldn't tell you, but if you guessed correctly, she wouldn't deny it. I've played that game with her a million times."

Anyway, he was very good about it. Very good. Wants to take me out dancing, as a matter of fact! Says at the club he goes to, he has several friends who are of family.

And, true to the observation of my buddy robcelt, he felt the need to share with me a few secrets of his own.

But I won't tell you what they are.

If you guess correctly, though, I won't deny them.
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