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I have me my new car. Wee-hah!

Yesterday was amazing. I was supposed to leave work at one yesterday to finalize everything, but I found obstacle after obstacle--not the least of which was that the finance guy didn't call back until one thirty. Also, I had several assignments with deadlines, including the printers proof of my publication that I had to return that day--or else it wouldn't get distributed on time. Then, at two thirty, when I finally am ready to go, our CAT team determines they need an emergency press release to go out on Tropical Storm Isidore. We haven't written one of those releases in two years. So, drop everything...

I did it though! I was very proud of myself, actually. So I return home at four thirty (after some additional calls to AAA and Toyota), AAA is set to close at five, and Josie informs me we have to drop off two of the kids to the Goodwin's, Annie and her boyfriend to drivers ed and Annie's two friends to their respective houses!

We finally arrive at AAA at 5:01, and see a stream of employees leaving. I run to the door. Locked! I slink back to the car, looking real sad. A lady calls out, "Are you looking for Nancy?" I was. "Knock on the door, they may open up!"

Sainted Nancy is there, and does take the time after hours to process the loan. Then, off to Toyota, where we are until 6:45. Then, time to drive an hour away to see my parents (who I borrowed some money from, in order to lower the interest rate). Then back home, in my new car, at ten o'clock. Whew!

I am very content these days. I feel stronger and more controlled. I am grateful for all the good gifts in my life. This is a good period for me. But...I worry about the future. And Josie.
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