Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

I attended the annual Pell Awards tonight, a strictly black tie affair. It's kind of fun to dress up and look all Fred Astaire every now and then, and I certainly felt the part.

My old theater professor, Bill Hutchinson, was honored tonight. Bill helped guide me through my major and directed one of my plays in college. Sitting at Bill's table was the Tony award winning actress Viola Davis, who I can say with pride acted in one of my plays, and who I shared a flat with one summer in Edinburgh, Scotland. It was nice sharing a few memories with her, although I've changed a bit since those has she, although she looked absolutely beautiful tonight.

The biggest honoree tonight was Maurice Sendak, author of "Where the Wild Things Are." He told a charming story about meeting Bill Clinton in the White House. I'm condensing in a major way, but he says that Bill came up to him and confessed that his dream as a child had always been to be a doorman. And Maurice, eager to please, had said, "well, you only have a year and a half left of this job..."

Came home to two emails: one from Peter, one from Neal. I basically told Neal today that he should go back with his ex-boyfriend. Peter, in the meantime, is questioning my silence. I'm not certain what to make of it either.

I'm a gorgeous wreck.

Josie and I celebrate our eleventh anniversary on Friday.


(sound of one hand clapping)
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