Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria


I'm going through the Oklahoma City footage for an article that's due this Friday. There was a quote that struck me, from a 17-year-old boy whose parents' house had been wiped out during the tornado. The parents were just so incredibly composed. At at one point, we asked how they could be so strong. They replied that their son, Justin, had been diagnosed with leukemia at two, and survived...and if they could get through that, they could get through anything.

When Justin came on camera, he had the exact same level of poise that his parents possessed. "When I look at the neighbors around me, I realize that I didn't lose much of anything," he said. We also asked him where he received his strength, and he replied, "From my parents. They've taught me not to get emotional; just pick up the pieces and rebuild."

This is good advice, and not just for tornado damage.
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