Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

My meeting with John

I actually didn't end up meeting with John on Wednesday, because he was called away unexpectedly (which irritated Peter to no end, as Peter is just such an organized kind of guy.)

Instead, we met today. I was supposed to meet Peter at two, but typical me, I couldn't get out until 2:10, and ended up getting there around 2:45. John's house is about a five minute walk from Peter's, but we drove.

I may not have mentioned this, but Peter will actually be moving in August, due to rent considerations. He saw his new apartment yesterday and found it to his liking. The problem is telling Ellen, who can get tense about things. From the look on her face this afternoon, she may already suspect that something's up.

Anyway. We drove to the house, and met up with John, who was painting a bureau made of ash with a young blond guy who barely said more than two words. He apparently comes from a very abusive home life, and John has kind of taken him under his wing.

John was in his fifty's from the looks of it, highly articulate, white hair, academic looking, somewhat fractured, clearly caries a grudge against the chair of his department (who is leaving)...and is unabashedly gay. At one point, he was walking me through the apartment, saying, "This is my bedroom, here are my clothes, here's the fridge..." and suddenly he grabbed a large pepperoni, held it to his crotch, and said, "here's my strap on.."

I suspect he knows about Peter and me. For example, when I mentioned he had three kids, he said, "well, four actually. Counting Peter."

I also suspect that there may have been something between Peter and John, but of course, I haven't been told that. John brought Peter over here from Poland, and got him set up in the university. Peter indicated to me today that when his studies are over, he's concerned he'll have to go back to Poland, but John has indicated that he'll adopt him. I don't know...I can't pin my finger on's just...something.

Anyway, the space is beautiful. He has absolutely breathtaking artwork, and the loft is out of this world. However, forget the loft, I wouldn't get the loft. He's decided to switch order and offer me the third floor. Which is nice, nevertheless.

It appears that all the tenants in the house in the family. John seems to have created quite a network for himself. In fact, he jokingly indicated he was thinking about setting up a gay assisted living facility with his friends. He told a great story about an 82-year-old friend of his who's an architect and he says, "is a model to us all." He gets around in a walker, but there's a postman who comes by, 33-year-old guy, married...and for a little extra, the postman climbs on top of his kitchen table so that the architect can satisfy him. "It's a great arrangement," he said. "Right at head level. Doesn't have to strain himself at all."

We did get to talking; specifically, about finances. It is going to be hard to juggle. But he did say at one point, "well, you will be taking care of things for me, so I suppose I could go down a bit in the price..."

So here's tonight's much should I ask him to go down. He's currently asking $700. Should I start at $500? Or is that too, too low?
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