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Mutant irradiated cockroaches

Josie spent much of the day in and out of the ER, helping her Grandmother, who fell last evening, and has suffered two fractures--one to, I believe, her collar bone, the other in her spine. She will be heading back to rehab tomorrow.

So I spent much of the day at home minding the kids, without a car. I passed some of the time IM'ng and was a very happy boy.

he dryer guy came today but couldn't fix the dryer. He's sending over one tomorrow that he's rehabilitated. Guy spends a lot of time teaching Fire Prevention and Disaster Preparedness. Interesting guy. Has a knowledge of New England bizarro disasters second to none. Stories about mutant irradiated cockroaches, and a terrible molasses explosion that killed hundreds in the fifties. Intreresting stuff. But he had dog shit on his shoes the whole time he was talking to me. Ugh. Rushed him through. NEXT!

Josie's sad because she was rejected Friday night. It's nice that we can speak of these things freely. The truth is setting me free.

Pick up the new car tomorrow. Yeah! Very excited.
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