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Remembrance Day

My friend loveisagyspsy recently put together a post that was essentially snapshots in time, starting 30 years ago, then moving to 20, etc.

I thought that was a pretty cool thing to do, and had intended to put together my own collection of snapshots.

But last night, during our visit with dreamcowgirl, we started talking about hand-written journals, and it got me to thinking about mine.

I started to keep a journal starting back in the summer of 1979. I called it "The Alexian Saga" and wrote it in the third person under the pseudonym of "Vern Slater." (Which is why, if I've ever written to you via email, my yahoo ID is "vernslater," by the way).

I would write in little manila school tablets with a red magic marker and draw cartoons of every person that entered into my life. At first, the entries that I wrote focused on anything BUT me--I'd write about my Mom, my Dad, my brother and sisters, their friends...of course, eventually, this changed.

The tablets, of course, have become frayed with time. So, a few months ago, I started to create a separate LJ identity for these entries, theyesterday.

I decided to start typing entries from 1983, which is my senior year of high school, but as time goes on, I'll fill in the blanks, backward and forward.

I haven't been altogether faithful, but today I spent quite a bit of time (owing to the rain) to typing up a few entries. It's really is nice to see how far I've come in twenty years. I started with 1983, because that was such a pivotal year for me. It's taken me years to get over some of what occurred during that year, primarily because I wasn't really able to face some of what should have been perfectly obvious. I was too scared, I think.

I get aggravated when I look at some of these entries, but they are important to record. Particularly as I watch them track a slow, steady progress towards the introduction of a person who literally changed, and saved, my life. But that will play out over time...and of course, you all know the answer to who that person is!

Love ya, Josie! ~~3

"There a road we must travel
There's a promise we must make
Cause the riches will be plenty
Worth the risk and the chances that we take..."
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